Some Pictures I Took

As seen through the Lens.

Enjoy a selection of photos I made the past decade.
They are ordered in three categories:

Nature – The beautiful sights of nature, landscapes, sunsets, snow, water and all sorts of growing things that make nature and it’s views.

Animals – Wild or domestic, animals are animals. Sometimes the highlight of a nature experience, some might be cattle; a man’s best friend, or a man’s most hated vermin.

Human – Humans, the whole world is packed with views full of humans and the things we make. Whole cities, huge factories, machines, a small shed or just a person being human. Urban, Urbex, Industrial, domestic life, personalities and persons in all forms and sizes, it’s all part of the human world.

Achter de foto – En voor Nederlandstalige lezers een nieuwe catagorie: Achter de Foto. Het verhaal achter de foto, een leuke, mooie of interesante aanvulling op de foto.

Time Lapse: First leaves in spring of young Birch in Macro.

Time Lapse: Mandarin orange 7 weeks rotting.

Time Lapse: Beech Seedling (Fagus sylvatica) Time lapse, 18 weeks from germinating in spring to middle of summer.

European Hornet entering the web of a Wasp spider.

Time Lapse: Snack tomatoes left for 15 weeks: will it rot, or will it dry.

Time Lapse: Pear blossom from knob to end of flowering

Time Lapse: Crocus full life cycle

Time Lapse: Corn breaking the ground and growing 20 cm in only 10 days.

Again a “first leafs in spring” one, but this time a Birch.

This is a time lapse of the first leafs from a small oak in spring.

Also watch my first ever time lapse: